Discover Why We Sell
More Porcelain Than
Any Other Tile.

Very few tiles offer the choice, versatility, patterns and styles than Porcelain. From simple to sophisticated, Porcelain tiles have it all. Do you have a floor in a high traffic area? No problem. Porcelain tile is harder than Ceramic tile, more dense, less porous and has better wear characteristics. Which makes it ideal for a kitchen, bathroom or entryway. What's more, Porcelain is so very easy to clean. Do you have a wall that needs a distinctive look? Go ahead and express yourself. Porcelain tiles are available in three dimensions to give a surface like a backsplash a unique look and feel. Not only that. Porcelain tile comes in unglazed or glazed finish. Giving you even more ways to transform and enhance the beauty of your surface. At Canyon Tile & Stone, you can find Porcelain tiles in all shapes and sizes manufactured here in the US or abroad including Italy and Spain. So please come visit Canyon Tile & Stone to discover choice Porcelain in all the choices you want.

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