Tile Trends - Bathroom Tile, Kitchen Tile, Wall Tile

We Are Putting More and More of Our Customers Into Cement.

In a good way, of course. We're talking beautiful cement tiles for floors, walls, every room in the house and outdoor areas too. Cement or Encaustic tiles, as they are called, are highly artistic handmade products that are created, one at a time. Shaped with specially crafted molds, the tiles are a blend of Portland cement, mineral pigments and fine aggregates. This mixture is poured into different chambers then topped with regular gray cement. The blend of pigmented cement and regular cement is placed under a hydraulic press that solidifies and creates one tile. Encaustic tiles are cured with water and fresh air making them environmentally friendly.

With their unique patterns and color palates, cement tiles have actually been around for centuries. For good reason. Whether you choose a pattern that's Geometric, Traditional, Moroccan, Contemporary, Floral, or Modern, they are a distinctive and an outstanding addition to any room. Come by Canyon Tile & Cement to see why more and more of our customers are getting into cement.

Why Quartz Is Ending Up On Top.

If you come to a Quartz countertop for beauty, you won't be disappointed. If you come to a Quartz countertop for durability, you won't be let down. That is because Quartz combines the best of both worlds giving you one practical but beautiful solution for your kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity project.

Quartz or Engineered Stone as it's called is made of Quartz crystals which is held together with a resin binder. The result is a rich granite natural stone look but with color that is more uniform and consistent. What's more, you can choose from wide range of colors from darker Earth tones to lighter shades including very fashionable grays. With that many choices from which to select, matching cabinets or floors is a much easier and enjoyable exercise. But that's only half the story. Quartz is one of the hardest, non-porous surfaces in nature. As a result, Quartz is highly resistant to impact; heat from hot pots or pans; staining from wine, coffee; as well scratches and scrapes. Clean ups are breeze. Even better, no sealants are required. We only carry the top quality Quartz manufacturers so you can expect the utmost performance from any choice you make. We invite you to drop by so you can discover why Quartz is ending up on top.

There's A New Slant On Tiles. Herringbone.

Considering a backsplash or feature wall tile remodel? Change it up. Make it interesting. Try a herringbone pattern. Instead of rectangle tiles that are laid out horizontally and stacked one above the other, herringbone uses rectangular tiles, most often arranged at a 45 degree angle creating a distinctive diagonal look. Many of our clients are choosing white marble tile. Its timeless appeal and character give it an elegant presence. Prefer slate, ceramic or porcelain tiles? Talk to us. We can easily make each work with your cabinets and wall colors. If you are tired of the same old horizontal tile lines, move in an entirely new direction - herringbone. And break the pattern.

Add a Dynamic New Dimension to your Walls with 3D Tiles.

First there were 3D comic books. Then there were 3D movies. And now there are 3D tiles -three dimensional surfaces that make a dynamic and dramatic design impact on any remodeling project. Which is why, 3D is fast becoming one of the hottest trends in the tile industry. Not just a simple raised surface, 3D tiles can be wavy, feature folds, geometric patterns, irregular shapes and sculpted motifs. You can use 3D tiles as unique accents in a field of two-dimensional tiles or as a stand alone feature wall. In either case, you will have a breathtaking focal point. With so many designs and manufacturers to choose from, we can help you sort through the options to find the right choice for your taste and project. There's something about an object that not only catches your eye but also engages your touch. So if you want to go beyond the surface for your kitchen, bathroom, den or hallway remodel, consider 3D tiles. And take it to a whole new dimension.

Is it Wood or is it Porcelain?

"Is it wood or is it Porcelain?" is what anyone asks when looking at wood-look porcelain for the very first time. "Are you sure it's not wood?" is the next question posed after reaching down to touch the floor. In fact, wood-look porcelain is so incredibly similar to wood right down to the whirls, knots and ripples that the difference is hard to discern.

Like wood itself, wood-look porcelain comes in actual planks both in a range of lengths and widths to match just the look you are after. Do you like the look of Oak, Ash, Maple, Walnut, Pine, Birch, Chestnut, Fir, Redwood, Pecan, or Mahogany? That's not an issue. Because wood-look porcelain can mimic the color and intricacies of the type of wood you prefer with uncanny similarity.

In fact, the only major thing not similar to a wood floor is the price. Which we're happy to tell you is much, much lower per square foot. Thereby leaving you with money left over for your other remodeling tasks. What's more, since we're talking about porcelain and not wood, you get all the warmth and richness of wood but without the headaches. Porcelain is highly resistant to scrapes and scratches making it almost maintenance free. On top of that, it won't fade. Something wood cannot claim.

To see if you can tell the difference, we invite you to drop by our showroom. We have bushels of beautiful wood-look samples from the leading manufacturers. And remember, wood-look won't hurt your pocket book.