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Your parents are coming for a visit. As well, as a college friend you haven’t seen in years. Your so-called guest room is a mess. If you have some time to do something about it, we can help make it cozy and comfortable. A new floor and a feature wall can do wonders. All it takes is a general idea of what you want and an appointment with us. We’ll help you choose the appropriate tile and stone that fits the look you’re after and the budget you can live with. If the guest room is going to be multi-purpose afterward, you have loads of choices with a Porcelain tile floor: different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Not to mention a polished or matte finish. It can even look exactly like wood planks. And there’s little to no maintenance. Give your guest room even more personality with a striking feature wall behind the bed. A three-dimensional tile or a stacked stone can create a dramatic focal point.

Is your guest room guest worthy? Or is it a room for things that don’t have a place? If so, it could probably use an update. Let Canyon Tile & Stone help pamper your guests and make them feel right at home.