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Of all the tiles you can use in a remodeling project, none has a greater visual impact than glass mosaic. The intensity of colors and reflection of light make glass mosaic tile the center of attention in any room whether used as a field or accent tile. From simple solids or intricate patterns to murals of flowers or rustic villages, glass mosaic can make a kitchen backsplash, shower wall or pool simply breathtaking. What's more, since glass mosaic tiles are resistant to stains, mold, and mildew, not to mention moisture, they are a breeze to keep clean. At Canyon Tile & Stone, we have a collection of glass mosaic tiles from the most inspired manufacturers. And most important, we have the skill to assist you in selecting just the right ones for your project. We invite you to Canyon Tile & Stone. We promise, you'll quickly take a shine to our glass mosaics.