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A den used to be a place to cozy up on a couch and read a mystery novel. Or sip a glass of Scotch after a day’s work. Today that’s mostly changed. Family room. TV room. Man Cave. She Shed. Or Office. The possibilities are endless. And while we can’t help you with the decor, we can help with the floors and walls from a selection of tile and stone that’s outstanding. Feature walls are a big trend in enhancing the look of a den. Stacked stone, a brick-like panel, a marble face, slate stone and mosaics are just a few choices that can help define the look you’re after. Is your room going to be high traffic? Porcelain floors offers low maintenance and scratch resistance. Not to mention wood-look options that are as close to the look of wood as you can get. Do you want a smaller den to look bigger. Let us help you choose the correct colors that make that easily happen. Whatever the look you want to achieve, we’re here to help you narrow down your choices to the one that best fits. Long looked at as the last room to design and decorate, the den is finally having its day. And we’re here to help with a roomful of possibilities.