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In the world of remodeling, pebbles are no small thing. As a matter of fact, they easily make a big design statement wherever you choose to use them. There are essentially two kinds of pebbles that you can select. Beach pebbles and River pebbles. Beach pebbles colors range from translucent white to black, and include shades of yellow, brown, red and green. River pebbles tend to be rounder and smoother in appearance. Their colors vary from black, grey, green, brown and white. In either case, as small as they are, they come in all sizes and shapes and can even be polished to improve their texture and color. Whether you use use pebble tile in landscaping as walkways, around pools as accents, a feature wall on a patio, or in a bathroom shower, they present a look that's natural and authentic. If you’ve been looking at natural stone for your next remodeling project, consider pebble, and let Canyon Tile & Stone help you pick a pebble style that suits your taste and budget.