With a little help from us, you can transform your patio into a thing of beauty. And create a little bit of paradise right in your own backyard. We’ll sit down with you and go over your dimensions as well as your budget. And put together a few striking tile and stone options for you to consider. Whether you select a natural stone or a tile, each has its own unique characteristics. Travertine, marble, flagstone, limestone, and concrete pavers all project a more natural look and feel. Their textures, smooth or rough, polished or natural allow you to customize the appearance even further. What’s more, different sizes, colors, patterns and textures play a significant role in enhancing the beauty. If you choose Porcelain pavers, you have the perfect alternative. Porcelain pavers never need sealing and installation is simple. Porcelain pavers are weather-resistant, frost-proof, acid-proof and stain-resistant. So why stop at your back door when you can have your own personal oasis in a beautiful patio. Let Canyon Tile & Stone help you create your patio paradise.

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