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Which backsplash tile fits your style best? ZELLIGE TILE. TEXTURE TILE. 3D TILE. Each has its own distinct look and feel to match your taste and decor. 

Zellige Tile is a Moroccan style tile that dates back 1300 years. It’s handmade of clay and then kiln-fired, glazed and polished. Color variations and irregular edges give it authentic character adding to its unique charm. The result is a timeless tapestry where no two tiles look exactly alike. Durability along with heat-resistance and water-resistance, make it the ideal choice for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash. 

Texture Tile has a distinct raised surface or a subtle feel that immediately enhances the appearance of a backsplash. Whether you use it as a border or a field, its variations in thickness help bring out any configuration making it come alive in an eye-catching way. A texture tile is available in ceramic, porcelain, or stone. With further choices of gloss, matt, crackle, or sheer glaze, it creates a whole new dimension to the surface of a tile. 

3D Tile allows you to transform your backsplash into a three-dimensional surface that looks amazing. Surfaces sway. Patterns stand out. Textures dazzle. The result is a backsplash with undeniable personality. In ceramic, porcelain, or stone, your backsplash fashioned with artistry will seem more like a work of art. Give your backsplash a dramatic flair with a sculpted 3D surface that won’t fade into the background. 

Zellige Tile. Texture Tile. 3D Tile. Three distinct solutions that create a backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom with beautiful aesthetic appeal. The choice is up to you on how you want yours to stand out.

Zellige Tile - Wow Design

Texture Tile - Wow Design

3D Tile - Forte Studio

Zellige Tile - Jeffrey Court

Texture Tile - Island Stone

3D Tile - Island Stone

Zellige Tile - Forte Studio

Texture Tile - Encore Ceramics

3D Tile - Island Stone