What You See,
Will Floor You.

Elevate your floors. Enhance your walls. And reduce your budget with the look of Limestone. From the ancient pyramids, storied skyscrapers to timeless architectural wonders, Limestone brings centuries of elegance and tradition into your home.

Created from natural, organic textures such as small shells and fossils, Limestone is infused with character and charisma. What's more, Limestone is highly durable, has an incredible amount of heat resistance and looks very much like marble. Which is why Limestone is often chosen for countertops as well.

Limestone comes in beautiful finishes that are honed which is slightly textured, antiqued which is more distressed, or bush-hammered for a deeply textured look. You'll find it in colors that include neutrals, off-white, beige, tan, taupe as well as light blue grey.

Discover Limestone, the fine stone at Canyon Tile and Stone.

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