Walking into your home should make you feel good each time. Or for that matter, when leaving. A beautiful entryway can accomplish that nicely. We have a selection of tile and stone that can take a small closet-size area or a large sweeping vista and give it the dramatic presence it deserves.  Cement or Encaustic floor tile has a great number of geometric patterns from which to choose and creates an elegant separation from the rest of your home. A distinctive border can define it further. If your taste runs to high-end looks, nothing creates a more stunning appearance than the high polish of marble. Lots of kids or adults tracking in dirt? Porcelain tile in all its colors and patterns is the perfect tile for its stain resistance and low maintenance. Or consider Slate, a natural stone for a more classic feel. An entryway feature wall can do even more. Make the most of it with a staggered stone or the colors of a mosaic tile that make the area stand out in a striking way. 

An entryway sets the stage for your entire home. Let Canyon Tile & Stone create one that is a dramatic overture to the beautiful symphony of your home. 

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