If You’re Looking To
Do A Bathroom Remodel,
we have tiles for miles.

Create an en suite bathroom that’s oh so sweet. Whether your taste runs to Spa, Contemporary, Transitional, Beach, Farmhouse or just about any other style, we have all the tile and stone you could ever want for your bathroom remodel. To unearth the look you’re after, we offer a curated collection of some of the finest tile and stone in the world: Italy, which is synonymous with quality and taste as well as Spain, Mexico and only the best high-end US manufacturers. To help you select your countertop, backsplash, floors and walls, we’ll carefully put together several tasteful designer inspirations, a selection of choices from quartz, porcelain ceramic, marble and then help you narrow it down to the best solution.  Honed, polished, textured, color, shading are other options that open up a world of wonderful choices. Our years of experience can help you focus on what works best. Whether you are applying makeup, having your morning shave or taking a luxurious bath on the weekend, a beautiful bathroom at its best is a sanctuary, a haven and a place to soothe your soul. Start your day and end it in a beautiful bathroom and let Canyon Tile & Stone take you there. 

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