Protect Your Tile and Stone for Years to Come with a Schluter Installation System.

Tile and stone make an immediate impact to the beauty and elegance of a kitchen or bathroom. But protecting that investment is essential if you want that beauty to endure. That’s where Schluter® comes in. Schluter® is an innovative installation system for tiled countertops, shower and floors that combines protective waterproofing with highly decorative metal profiles, trim and end pieces to create a distinctive luxury look.

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Schluter® - KERDI

Manage shower waterproofing. The Schluter® Shower System is a complete, easy-to-install waterproofing system for maintenance-free tiled showers. It eliminates leaks, reduces the potential for mold growth, and reduces total installation time.

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Schluter® - DITRA

Prevent unwanted tile cracking. If tile is bonded directly to substrates, especially wood, stresses can occur resulting in cracking or delaminating the tiled surface. Schluter designed a waterproof “uncoupling” membrane to neutralize these movement stresses.

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Schluter® - Profiles

Protect and finish tile edges with trim. Schluter® Profiles finish and protect exposed edges of tiled surfaces from chipping and cracking. They also eliminate the need for caulking, are easy-to-clean, and do not trap debris, water or humidity.