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A Carpet You'll Love At A Price You Can Afford
Stone tile can make a great decorating statement. On a living room floor. In a hallway. For a kitchen countertop. Or a pool patio. But what you use takes knowledge and experience. Especially when you have so many types of stone to choose from. Enter Canyon Tile & Stone. We'll break it down for you. Sweet and simple. So the path to decorating beauty is one that's easy to
follow. Start by dropping by our 4000 sq. ft. showroom. We'll show you first hand the important differences between granite, marble, sandstone, slate, limestone and travertine. Where they work best and why. And most importantly, which one fits your budget. As a matter of fact, we'll leave no stone unturned in finding you the right one.
Shaw carpetMohawk carpetCatalina carpetRoyalty carpet
Stone collection with coordinating borders, mosaics, and accent tiles.
Cladding is the popular choice for interior and exterior walls.
Formed in volcanoes, Lava Stone makes environments warm and inviting.
Captivating images created on any porous surface, such as natural stone.